Basnetg News Tube Blogger Premium template

Basnet News Tube is my another theme convert form WordPress to Blogger Sports News site.
Basnetg News Tube:Blogger Premium template for Sports Newspapers and Magazine
“News Tube” is a Premium Blogger Template suitable for any news as well as information websites.
News Tube Blogger Premium template
                                                                                  Live Demo | Download

How to install Basnetg News Tube Blogger Premium template

  1. Download the template .
  2. Upload template to Blogger .
  3. To change Logo or Site Name in Header
 Find the code:
[code language=”html”]</div> <div><div id=’header’> <div class=’left’> <a class=’imagelogo’ href=’’ title=’Just another Blogger Template’/> </div> <!–end: left–> <div class=’right’> <div class=’ad728x90′> <b><a href=’’><img alt=” src=’’/></a></b></div> </div> <!–end: right–> </div> <!–end: header–></div> <div>[/code]
4 In the place of blue code above replace your site address.
5 Now where the red colored code is put your adsense code 728×90
6 To change your menu link find the code below:
[code language=”html”] <div id=’menu’> [/code]
Then below this code change to your links, like: or # as a link.
7 Now to change your post labels, categories Find the code below:
label1 = “Label1“;Title1 = “Title1“;
Now change red colored Label  to your site label name which do you want to show .  change  Title to your label title.

There are 8 labels you can add in this Blogger Template but you can add more than 8 labels as your needs.

label1 = “Label1“;
Title1 = “Title1“;
label2 = “Label2“;
Title2 = “Title 2“;
label3 = “Label3“;
Title3 = “Title 3“;
label4 = “Label4“;
Title4 = “Title 4“;
label5 = “Label5“;
Title5 = “Title5“;
label6 = “Label6“;
Title6 = “Title 6“;
label7 = “Label7“;
Title7 = “Title 7“;
label8 = “Label8“;
Title8 = “Title 8“;
Change all red color label name to your label name like News, Entertainment,Sports etc.
8 at the footer there are some links you can make your page links.
9 On Right Side bar Change subscription Links
To change this find the code like below change red color to your link:
[code language=”html”] <blockquote><div id=’subscribe’></blockquote> <div></div> <ul class=’subscribe_icons’><li class=’subscribe_buzz’><a href=’’ rel=’nofollow’ target=’_blank’>Buzz</a></li><li class=’subscribe_twitter’><a href=’′ rel=’nofollow’ target=’_blank’>Twitter</a></li><li class=’subscribe_facebook’><a href=’’ rel=’nofollow’ target=’_blank’>Facebook</a></li><li class=’subscribe_rss’><a href=’’ rel=’nofollow’ target=’_blank’>RSS</a></li><li class=’subscribe_email’><a href=’;loc=en_US’ rel=’nofollow’ target=’_blank’>Email</a></li></ul><div class=’clear’/></div> <!–end: subscribe–>[/code]
Now preview template if it’s ok then save.done. that’s it.
9 There are two ads widgets in side bar.width 300px

Put your adsense or ads or something else.But don’t use this template in pornographic sites.

If any problem concerning to the template fill my comment box, keep on visiting for New premium templates.Thank you , Happy blogging. Note: This is free Premium Blogger template by,which permits both personal & commercial use.However,you are required to keep the footer credit links intact which provides due credit to its authors.
That’s all for installing this template . Feel free to leave me comments .

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