Best Web Hosting For High Traffic Websites How to Choose

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Web hosting is one key component for running a successful website. Selecting the best web hosting service will guarantee you better SEO and increased sales. This is what business website owners are looking at. There are several options available when it comes to web hosting. You have shared, dedicated, VPS and managed WordPress hosting.

There are hundreds of companies spread around the world that provide this service. Each has customized the packages to attract different customers. This is why it is important to have budgeted for secure hosting before having your website designed.

Remember, serving your visitors with fast page load times allows you to retain, attract customers and improve user experience.
Below is how to select the best web hosting for high traffic websites.

General Things to Consider When You Select The Best Web Hosting for High Traffic Websites


Having a high traffic website means serving many pages to thousands of visitors at a single moment. This means that the server requests should be able to handle the number of visitors. The best web hosting service for high traffic websites needs to invest in the best hardware.

Memory, processing power and disk space need to be factored in when setting up hosting services for high traffic websites. Memory and processing power needs to be blazing fast. For the disk, SSDs are preferable than HDD. This is because they utilize flash memory modules which are fast to read and write.

As a website owner, you need to select VPS or dedicated hoisting as this will allow you to customize the above to serve your visitors better.


High traffic websites serve different types of content. From viral videos to engaging content. This requires a lot of processing power as well as bandwidth. If you select free or shared hosting, you will be limited in terms of bandwidth. This will affect your traffic as users will not be able to access your website if the bandwidth limit is exceeded.

This will affect your revenue and drive traffic away to your competition. This is something you don’t want. When selecting the best hosting service or package, you need to look for that which offers high capacity. Even better, if no cap limits are available, it will allow you to serve customers better.


Online users and search engine needs to access your WebPages from time to time. This allows users and bots to browse and crawl through the pages providing information to the rest of the world. When it comes to uptime, your secure hosting service should provide a minimum of 99.9%. This assures you that your website will be online always.

This is important as your website is not only accessed in your country but around the world. For example, if you have an ecommerce website, people will always be shopping especially if you ship goods worldwide.

Easy to use CPanel

When running a high traffic website, it is important to have access to vital data. This includes the amount of disk space available, disk space used and number of visitors. The Cpanel should also provide easy access to different tools. The file manager, domain manager, script installer and others need to be accessed easily. This improves management of the website backend and vital files.


There comes a time when you have a query or a few when using the hosting account. You need answers which will allow you to make better decisions. As the owner of a high traffic website, support is a crucial factor you need to consider.

A component on your hosting account may not be available or a crucial update has not been carried out that would improve as well as secure your website. Select the best web hosting service that offers multiple support channels is good for you. They include live chat services, call support, web ticket system and from engineers of the hosting company too.

Final Thoughts
As the owner of a high traffic website, you should never compromise on the hosting service. If you do, you will provide a poor user experience that will drive customers away. Select the best web hosting company that offers high performance, best uptime, easy to use Cpanel and multiple support channels.

This will enable you to serve your customers the best user experience allowing you to attract more visitors.

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