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Hackers all over the world continually try to search for any loopholes to try to hack into the website’s security system. But luckily, a solid WordPress security plugin will be able to prevent hackers from doing that. Today’s post is about introducing some of the best free WordPress security plugins of recent times.

So from the list below, you will be able to get a complete idea about which security plugins are really the best for your WordPress sites and businesses. We hope that once you are done with the post, you will already have the proper scholarship to choose the most suitable security plugins for your WordPress website. So let’s get on with this, shall we?

Features that a powerful WordPress security plugin should have

  • Complete detection ability of Malware, Viruses & Spams
  • Protection to the login page
  • Keep your website secured yet fast
  • Quick fixing ability of site before it gets suspended or blacklisted
  • Malware traffic prevention ability through a strong firewall
  • No limit for removing viruses or malware
  • Security hardening measures
  • Prompt & active customer response
  • Multiple site management abilities through a single dashboard

Best WordPress Security Plugins (2021) to Protect Your Website

We are already aware of the fact that in order to protect your website from hackers or unauthorized entry, you must have a robust but exceptionally feature-rich security plugin. Nowadays, hackers can get into any website very easily. Which makes it even more essential for you to install a reliable security plugin for your WordPress website.

So, let’s get some real insights into some of the WordPress security plugins on the top list so you can choose the one that best suits your needs



With over 2 million people using this popular security plugin, the solution is capable of taking care of and detecting any of the website vulnerabilities in WordPress. This widely used plugin is regularly updated and is a powerful and full-featured solution for your WordPress security.

This WordPress security solution provides complete protection for your site with the new firewall rules, malware, and malicious IP addresses that are required to keep the website clean.

The plugin also comes with a cool feature like real-time live traffic. It allows you to get real-time updates on traffic as well as attempted hacking on your site.

Key Highlights & Features

  • Web application firewall that identifies and blocks malicious traffic
  • Enable deep integration with WordPress to protect site at the endpoint
  • Blocks request that contains malicious content or code with integrated malware scanner
  • Limit login attempts providing protection from brute force attacks
  • Real-time malware signature updates (Premium feature)
  • One of the most secure form of the remote system with two-factor authentication

Active Installations: 3+ million

Average User Ratings: 4.5/5*

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Sucuri Security

Sucuri Security

Another fairly popular and easy-to-use WordPress security plugin on this list is Sucuri. Not just WordPress, the solution provides protection to websites on other platforms like Magento Drupal, Joomla, etc.

The company it is owned by is known to be a very prominent and highly rated website security solutions company, so they can be trusted with your eyes closed.

The best part of this security solution is that it is absolutely free and provides complete monitoring of your site for spam, blacklists, malware along with other security related issues such as hidden malicious code, .htaccess, etc.

To get the best level of security protection for your site, you can use this solution with the best WordPress security plugins such as WordFence or iThemes Security.

It mainly consists of four features i.e Remote Malware Scanner, File Integrity Monitoring, Security Activity Audit, and Overall WordPress Security Hardening.

Also, this free security tool is best suited for experienced users with development skills, as it requires a fair amount of WordPress files and coding knowledge.

Key Highlights & Features

  • Detects any changes to the file
  • DNS Level Firewall protection
  • Complete protection from brute force attacks
  • Hassle-free recovery from hacked websites & post hacking security actions
  • Most effective security hardening
  • Notifications for security-related actions
  • Protections against DDOS attack

Active Installations: 700,000+

Average User Ratings: 4.5/5*

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All In One WP Security & Firewall

All In One WP Security & Firewall

This is another very popular and free security plugin designed by some highly trained professionals. As it is quite easy to install and use, it is one of the preferred security tools for beginners. Due to its easy to use user interface, setting the plugin security option is easier than ever for anyone.

The level of protection in it is top-notch and takes your WordPress site security to a new level. To minimize the risk of your website vulnerability, this plugin implements the latest recommended security checks and techniques.

The solution adds a powerful firewall to keep your site protected, improving your website security. With this firewall any change in the WordPress code by malicious scripts is avoided.

Furthermore, the firewall can also prevent direct linking of website images and will block fake Google bots from crawling your site. For your account, the plugin also helps you create strong passwords.

Security features such as login lockout can prevent an IP address from guessing your password after unsuccessful continuous login attempts.

Key Highlights & Features

  • Powerful security firewall
  • Scanner for file change detection
  • Create strong passwords with the password strength tool
  • Complete protection from “Brute Force Login Attack’
  • Stops user enumeration so that others can’t discover user info with author permalink
  • Ability to whitelist one or more IP addresses for special cases.
  • Monitor and view full account activity by tracking all login/logout info

Active Installations: 900,000+

Average User Ratings: 4.5/5*

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Malcare-Security (1)

MalCare is known to be one of the most powerful and comprehensive security plugins for WordPress. Detect and remove malware faster than any other plugin on the market.

Not only does it automatically clean up a hacked site, but it also prevents it from having a higher security compromise. Its firewall and login protection feature blocks any suspicious IP or malicious activity without destroying server resources.

It has a one-click malware removal tool, the first of its kind, that almost detects any malware that goes unnoticed. It also alleviates the need to hire any security professional for any little bug, as anyone can operate it.

One of the great things about this is that every scan job you run is done on the Malcare endpoint, so there is no chance it will affect your site’s speed or performance.

The plugin has a smart technology that activates this plugin to protect your WordPress website. At regular intervals, your server collects data from all websites. It then analyzes the data and uses it to prevent future attacks on your website within the network.

If you are managing customer websites, its white labeling and customer reporting features can be very useful. Overall, a robust and effective security solution that protects your WordPress sites from known or unknown threats at any time.

Key Highlights & Features

  • A cloud-based security plugin that doesn’t slows down WordPress site
  • A very user-friendly plugin that totally cleans traces of malware from WordPress sites
  • WordPress Firewall Protection in real-time
  • Monitor uptime and performances
  • Scheduled and custom reporting feature
  • Runs on its own server to keep the performance of the site unaffected
  • Backups and restoring facility is integrated

Active Installations: 60,000+

Average User Ratings: 4/5*

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BulletProof Security

BulletProof Security

Another highly rated and robust security plugin for your WordPress site that keeps your site safe by including a powerful firewall and protecting it from “Brute Force Attacks”. All you need to do is set it up carefully, and once it’s up and running, you’re ready to host all of your basic website security measures.

In addition, the solution protects the database and backs it up, and also mitigates the chances of affecting the security and speed of the website by scanning the .htaccess file.

With its one-click installation wizard, installing and configuring the plugin itself is easier than ever. But setting it up could be a bit tricky as its interface might not seem too user friendly for everyone.

There is also a manual mode of this application that you can configure for its advanced functionalities. Its free version is already enough to protect your WordPress website.

But if you need to unlock some advanced features, you can always get its pro version. The plugin is ideal for detecting fake malicious traffic and blocking login attempts. More importantly, it notifies the user in case there is a problem verifying the source code of WordPress themes and plugins.

Key Highlights & Features

  • Full-proof login security & monitoring
  • Provides file upload protection and integrity monitoring
  • Idle session logout to prevent exploiting of users when they are away
  • Solid intrusion detection and prevention system for WordPress site
  • Has in-built code scanners, can limit failed login attempts, block IP, and looks for fake traffic
  • Adds caching to optimize the performance of your website
  • Pro version enables the user to use it with unlimited sites

Active Installations: 60,000+

Average User Ratings: 4.5/5*

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iThemes Security


Formerly known as Better WP Security, this cutting edge security plugin protects your websites from web attacks and other security vulnerabilities using its more than 30 built-in and designed ways to protect website from hackers and bots. It’s one of people’s favorite security apps for WordPress since 2008.

And the tool is designed to fix common security vulnerabilities. It also closely monitors the security of the account password.

Once any kind of suspicious activity is detected on the website’s system, it automatically locks the WordPress site to keep it unharmed from further external attacks. The security tool itself is more suitable for both beginners and professional level users. For easy setup, you have the always friendly one-click installation process.

While the advanced features of it can be configured directly from the control panel. After the installation is complete, the plugin automatically runs a security check to ensure that all recommended security settings are being used.

To ensure an easier maintenance drill, there is a safety checklist on the plugin dashboard. There are also customizable options for each security function that can be performed using the same control panel. The tool adds more security features that allow its user to stop automated attacks.

Any indication of compromise due to database and file system changes is reported immediately. It also provides its users with the famous and important two-factor authentication system with its premium version. So you won’t have to worry about the additional security you want for your WordPress site. The solution always seeks to work to block all malicious users, improving the security of vital information on the site, as well as passwords.

Key Highlights & Features

  • Strong Brute Force Attack system prevent after invalid login attempts are made
  • Attacks on all the filesystem and database are detected and blocked
  • Complete database lost protection with its backup features
  • Re-enforces strong passwords for all accounts
  • Instant email notifications when any web attack takes place or any file has been changed
  • Monitor to detect any unauthorized changes in the file system
  • Instantly reports any existing issues and fixes them quickly.

Active Installations: 1+ million

Average User Ratings: 4.5/5*

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Shield Security

Shield Security

This is another free but very powerful and popular security plugin for your WordPress site. It offers some of the basic protection along with the proper cleaning and scanning option.

The panel of the plugin itself has a very interesting way of showing the number of possible intrusions that have been blocked. It also highlights potential threats to the security of your website, so that any necessary action can be taken instantly.

Not to mention, it’s probably one of the highly rated security plugins that are available from the repository. Constant notification can be irritating, so it mostly automates all your required functions in the background and makes the plugin as silent as possible by keeping notification and warning users about problems to a minimum. The setup process is easier than ever as it comes with an effortless setup wizard with guided instructions.

Shield developers have done an excellent job designing the solution to be as user-friendly as possible. In fact, it is a tool that protects your website in the best way.

Furthermore, the solution provides one of the most powerful core WordPress file scanners. Your system has an automatic IP blacklist and automated comment (Spam) blocking option. The plugin even provides support with audit trails and user activity log. Overall, it is an application that will help you easily set up and run security scans like a pro.

Key Highlights & Features

  • Provides a secured WordPress login page protection
  • Core file scanner that detects malicious files automatically
  • Monitors complete user activity
  • Scans for vulnerability issues in plugins & themes
  • Full-proof firewall protection for your website
  • Limits attempts of failed login & automatically block Brute Force attacks
  • Import & export option of settings from any website where the plugin is present

Active Installations: 70000+

Average User Ratings: 5/5*

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Keep Website Safe & Secured with the Best WordPress Security Plugins


We hope, after reading this post you have all the right information to choose the best WordPress security plugins for your website right now.

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