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5 Top Programming Languages to Learn

top programming languages to learn

What is the best programming language to learn? The question is on everyone’s mind. Are you looking for Top Programming Languages to Learn in 2019? Here are the list of 5 best programming language to learn in 2019 and beyond. Information in this post is based on my personal opinion and experiences. Software development has become a lucrative field in the past decade. However, to be a successful software developer, you must be conversant with the best top programming languages. Do you intend on venturing into this line of work? Then you are probably stuck wondering, which is the best and top programming language to learn? what is the best programming language? Despite there being hundreds of programming languages out there, there are a selected few which are more popular and attract high incomes. Filtering...

Why learn python programming?

python programming

Every now and then, new programming languages are born that make old languages obsolete and throw them out of the window. But the story has been a little different with the programming language, Python. It has seen unmatched popularity in the recent past, so much so that it has been called the fastest growing major programming language in the world. There are many reasons why as a developer you can fall in love with Python programming and learn it as your next programming language, especially if you are a beginner. Python is much newer than a lot of other established programming languages, so it is much easier to learn than many old languages. In the professional market too, the demand for Python programmers has seen a sharp rise and they are being offered lucrative salary packages. There are some really cool...