10 Steps to Get Google AdSense Approved That Actually Work (Helpful Guide)

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How to get Google Adsense Approved easily? If you are wondering how to get approved adsense account you come to the right place.

Google Adsense approval task is very difficult.But there are so many tips and tricks to get apporved.You need to follow some steps to get fully approved adsense publisher account.

In this post I will share some of my experience, which is helpful for you applying for adsense approval that actualy worked for me. And I hope this also works for you.

Are you a blogger? Do you blog for fun or do you want to monetize your blog? A successful blogger has fun while blogging yet wants to make a pretty penny in the process.

Every blogger’s dream is to be able to make enough income from their blog to be able to quit their day job.

If you are planning on monetizing your blog or you already have. You know about advertisements. One of the best ways to make money is by joining Google AdSense.

Being accepted to Google Adsense is not an easy thing to do. Google Adsense is a pay per click system meaning the blog owner gets paid for every person who clicks on a google ad posted on their blog.

It is one of the oldest and fastest ways to make money. The more traffic you have on your site, the more money you can make. This exact reason is why Google Adsense doesn’t accept just any blog. Read and adhere to this AdSense Online Terms of Service.

If you have no traffic or no worthwhile content, you won’t be accepted. The more money you make, the more money Google makes. They want to make a lot of money, as do you. Therefore, they are particular about the blogs they advertise on.

Google Adsense has the highest paying rates out of the advertisement networks which is why all bloggers want them. Plain and simple.

As mentioned, Google Adsense is quick to reject. After an unbelievable amount of blogging and research, we now know what you have to do to get accepted. Read the following information, Google Adsense Approval: Things to Do Before Applying for AdSense.

If you don’t listen to the following recommendations, chances are your blog won’t be approved. AdSense adheres to certain rules that your blog must comply with.

10 Steps Before Applying for Google AdSense and Get Approved That Actually Work

Here we will discuss the top 10 things you NEED to do before applying to Google AdSense.

Make sure you have all of this in order on your blog before you submit your application to AdSense. If everything is in order, you will most likely be approved.

One important thing to keep in mind when preparing your blog is this, wait at least 6 months. It is not a machine or computer reviewing your blog. It is an actual team of real people. It must make sense.

While machines can be tricked online into believing something is there when it’s not. People will see and know with their own eyes.

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1. Specific Pages

You need to have certain information on your blog to even be considered. These pages are essential to your blog.
• Privacy Policy
• About Me
• Contact Us

2. Killer Content

As mentioned above, your content will be reviewed for AdSense by real live people. If your content is not good, doesn’t make any sense, or you don’t have a particular niche. Chances are you will not get accepted.

You should follow these rules for writing content whether or not you apply for AdSense. Your blog should always have killer amazing content.

• No spelling mistakes
• No grammar errors
• No spun or copied content, all content should be original and unique.
• No short posts, a post should generally be around 500 words. 300 at the very least.
• Your content makes sense, you’re not just ranting and raving about nothing.
• You have headings, sub-headings, numbered lists, or bullet lists. Your article or post need to be easy to read and scan.

3. Navigation

Make sure your blog is easy to navigate. You want people that visit your page to be able to find what they need to with ease. If you have broken links or no navigation menu, it won’t work. Make your content easy to find. Be sure your blog’s navigation is easy for everyone to use.

4. Traffic

AdSense does not like paid traffic, at all. This is a big reason your AdSense application will be rejected. Do not buy traffic for your site. Even if your site has low traffic, as long as you are getting traffic honestly. Traffic can come from search engines, social media, advertising, and so on.

5. Advertisements

Google AdSense does allow you to use some other ads, besides their own. This being said it is best when applying to not have any other ads on your site while waiting for approval from AdSense.

I know that contradicts itself. If you have other ads on your site, remove them until you get your approval notice. Once you are approved by AdSense, put the ads back up if they are allowed.

Think of it like this. You own a shoe store. You want the very best designer to allow you to sell their tennis shoes. Your store is great. People come there constantly.

You are pitching to this designer that your store only sells the best of everything. You have every other type of shoe but you want their tennis shoe because they are the best. They come visit your store and see that you have a bunch of tennis shoes for sale.

To be specific, you are selling all of their competition’s shoes. Do you think they are going to let you sell their shoe?

Do you understand? AdSense is the best. You will make the most money with them. Don’t belittle them by riddling your site with other ads while wanting to use theirs.

6. Illegal Content

This is simple. It’s following the laws. Do not sell illegal content on your site or blog. Here is a list of the material that should never be promoted on your blog.

• Drugs/alcohol related content
• Any illegal substances or items
• Not pornography/ No sex
• illegal services or acts
• copyrighted material
• Hacking services now allowed
• Do not sell stolen merchandise

7. Domain Name

Your domain name has to be bought. You need to own your domain name. Buy your domain, it doesn’t cost that much. Free domains have limited options.

If you plan on monetizing or having a professional blog then you will need to switch to a top level domain. You might as well do it now and save yourself any hassle.

Although, Google AdSense has changed their regulations. If you have a blog spot account. For example, yourdomain.blogspot.com. Chances are you will be approved for AdSense almost instantly.

8. Blog Author’s Information

On your blog, your name and email address must be clearly visible. You will want to have this information on your Contact Us page. Many bloggers put their name and email address in their sidebar area.

Another hot spot for this information is in the fold of the page. The “fold” is the area right above where you have to scroll down,

Your email address and name will verify with AdSense that you are the same blogger that applied for AdSense and not a fictional person or bot.

The easier this information is seen and verified, the quicker you can be accepted and approved.

9. Number of Posts

Have a decent amount of great blog posts on your page. You really can’t expect to be approved with only one or two posts, can you? It is recommended to have 20 to 25 posts when launching your blog.

When applying for AdSense it would be best to have 20 to 25 at a minimum. The more awesome content you have on your blog, the better.

10. No Minors Allowed

Use the correct birth date when applying for Google AdSense. AdSense is not for people who are minors, under the age of 18. If you lie about your birth date and age, you will get into trouble.

Do not apply if you are under 18. It isn’t worth lying and getting into trouble.

If you are under 18 and have an awesome blog. It is sure to get noticed. The age factor is just another great element proving that you are a truly amazing kid or young adult.

When you reach the legal age limit, if you are still wanting to apply for Google Adsense. Do it, then you can.


I hope you now know what to do after reading our, Google AdSense Approval: Things to Do Before Applying for AdSense. You know how your blog must be set up and what material it need to have in order to be approved.

One other quick factor to mention. if you live in certain countries then you may be required to have your blog owned and running for at least 6 months, it is also know as google adsense 6 months rule. Although this rule does not apply to everybody, it does apply to some.

If you have only had your blog for 3 months, you can still apply. Yet, you might not be accepted for this reason.


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