Master The Skills Of SEO(Search Engine Optimization) And Be Successful.


Friends, today we will talk about how we can improve the rank of our post. So for this the biggest role is of SEO. So today we will talk on this topic that how to do better SEO of your website.Master The Skills Of SEO(Search Engine Optimization) And Be Successful.

Best Essential SEO Tips For Boost Traffic :Master The Skills Of SEO

  1. Create Original And Unique Content
  2. Generate Keywords Around Your Content
  3. Add Searchable Title And Meta description
  4. Add Featured Snippets In You Post
  5. Use Google Schema
  6. Increase Your Post Length
  7. Generate More Backlinks From High Authority Websites
  8. Fix Your Page Speed ​​Issue
  9. Check Your Competitive Content
  10. Update Your Post In A Time Duration
  11. Continue Check Google Policy
  12. Keep Continue To Learn SEO
  13. Research and React


1. Create Original And Unique Content

Friends, as you would know that on google you will get millions of content on any one topic,and then it becomes very difficult to bring your content to the top by fighting all those content.

So for this we have to keep some things in mind, and first of all we should try to know what the users want to know about that topic and we should try to add more and more information related to that in that content.

2. Generate Keywords Around Your Content

As we all know how big a role keywords play in getting a post ranked. So first of all we should search the most valuable keywords on google which are related to our post.

3. Add Searchable Title And Meta description

To get any post ranked, it is very important to write its Titles and Meta Description very easily and correctly because whenever we search something on Google,

it gives us our Keyword from Meta Description and Titles itself. Makes matches If we put all the information related to our post in a short form in Meta Description, And then it plays a very good role for our post ranking.


4. Add Featured Snippets In You Post

If you do not know about Featured Snippets, then let me tell you that whenever we do some search on Google.

So the text that we see on the top in List Format is called Featured Snippets, mainly we get this information from the Heading used in the post. So we should use maximum heading in the post.

that Google can get our Featured Snippets.

5. Use Google Schema

Google schema is a very important file for any post or enables Google to tell about what this post is written. With the help of Google schema, it tries to know what this post or article is about.

Many times we search for a product on Google, then we are shown a list of products in the top, in fact this list is possible only through google schema.

Or whenever we do a job search on Google, Google provides us with a list of jobs in a special format, this list is also possible through Google schema.

schema file is actually a coding file in which google many parameters are present in which we have to provide correct information to all those parameters so that it is easy for google to recognize our post and it is easy to rank our post


6. Increase Your Post Length

Friends, if you use WordPress, then you will know that all plugins have their own text limit parameter set, so that we know how many words we have to write, the text length of the post in all plugins is at least are around 500 to 700.

So we should keep this in mind. That we should keep the text length of the post maximum and targeting our keywords should reach maximum information to the users.

Because friends, Google tries to bring the same posts to the top which provides more information to the users.

7. Generate More Backlinks From High Authority Websites

Backlinks are the biggest contributor to the SEO of any website, if these backlinks are obtained from a high authority website, then the chances of SEO increase to a great extent, so friends, we need to get more and more backlinks from some website every day.

Must keep trying And friends, if the backlinks are not received from any high authority website but from any low category website, then it can also drop the ranking of our website, so keep in mind that we should get backlinks only from high authority website.

8. Fix Your Page Issue

Friends, if there is an error or issue in any page or post of your website, then it can prove fatal for your SEO. So you should check your website once in a week or two-three days to see if there is any issue or error in it.

To get information about any kind of error or issue, you can use Google Search Console, friends, you will get information about the analytics of the website and the error coming in it.

9. Check Your Competitive Content

Friends, by searching on Google on the topic on which you want to write your post, once you analyze a couple of posts about that topic, you will get some more information related to that topic which you can mansion in your post. Yes And you One should also try to know whether you can give something new to the users regarding that topic or not. Because friends, you will get to see thousands of content on Google about any one topic, if you add something unique to your content, then it will be easy for Google to catch your post. Because google always tries to bring umique to the top.

10. Update Your Post In A Time Duration

Friends, on the topic on which we write the post, Google does not know how many content related to the same topic are published daily. So that our content gets suppressed, we should keep updating it continuously to bring it to the top because whenever we add something new to the post. So Google crawls it again, which increases the chances of it coming to the top, as well as increasing the size of our content. And our User Experience also remains good.

11. Continue Check Google Policy

Friends, as we have been seeing, from the beginning till now, Google has made itself very advanced, the main reason for this is due to the continuous updates made in it, Google keeps on changing its policy from time to time according to its updates.

It should be kept in mind that keep yourself constantly updated with Google’s policy and take care of all the parameters of Google while writing the post, so that it will be easy for Google to know what this post is about and what type of user can access it. can do

12. Keep Continue To Learn SEO

As we all know that we can never learn SEO in one go, for this we have to keep trying. Because friends SEO is not dependent on any one thing.

For this, we need to know about a lot of experience and all the parameters of Google. In this, it is very important for you to have knowledge of Backlinks, knowledge of Google Schema and information related to Plugins.

So try to know something new every day regarding SEO so that your knowledge can increase and you can become an SEO Expert of Advance Level.  Skills Of SEO

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Whats SEO means?

Search Engine Optimization
SEO means Search Engine Optimization and is the process used to optimize a website’s technical configuration, content relevance and link popularity so its pages can become easily findable, more relevant and popular towards user search queries, and as a consequence, search engines rank them better.

How do you SEO your website?

Discover SEO Writing Tips & Techniques
Write for your audience first. This SEO content writing tip is number one for a reason. …
Keep it all under the same roof. …
Make headlines that pack a punch. …
Use keyword-rich phrases. …
Structure your posts. …
Incorporate imagery. …
Propel content with social media. …
Implement Google Authorship.

What are the 4 types of SEO?
Image result for SEO
Here are four key types of SEO that you can get started on.
On-Page SEO. On-page SEO, also sometimes referred to as on-site SEO, is the process of optimizing the content on your website. …
Off-Page SEO. Off-page SEO is pretty much everything that does not happen on your website. …
Technical SEO. …
Local SEO.

How do I create SEO content?

SEO Content Strategy
Make a list of topics.
Make a list of long-tail keywords based on these topics.
Build pages for each topic.
Set up a blog.
Create a consistent blogging schedule.
Create a link-building plan.
Compress media files before uploading them to your site.
Stay up-to-date on SEO news and best practices.

What are SEO skills?

The job of a Search Engine Optimization specialist with SEO skills is to analyze and review websites and optimize in a way that they will be picked up by the search engines. The SEO specialist aims to ensure increased traffic to a website by developing content with appropriate keywords and phrases

How do you increase your ranking?

Follow these suggestions to improve your search engine optimization (SEO) and watch your website rise the ranks to the top of search-engine results.
Publish Relevant, Authoritative Content. …
Update Your Content Regularly. …
Metadata. …
Have a link-worthy site. …
Use alt tags.

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