Why learn python programming?

python programming

Every now and then, new programming languages are born that make old languages obsolete and throw them out of the window. But the story has been a little different with the programming language, Python. It has seen unmatched popularity in the recent past, so much so that it has been called the fastest growing major programming language in the world.

There are many reasons why as a developer you can fall in love with Python programming and learn it as your next programming language, especially if you are a beginner. Python is much newer than a lot of other established programming languages, so it is much easier to learn than many old languages. In the professional market too, the demand for Python programmers has seen a sharp rise and they are being offered lucrative salary packages.

There are some really cool things that you can achieve with Python – no wonder it has soon become the most favorite language of programmers all around the world. Python is an extremely diverse application that makes it the preferred language among all other programming languages.

There are many third-party modules present that are contained in the python package index that makes this programming language highly capable of interacting with many other platforms and languages.

In addition to this, the Python programming language provides a big library of standard internet protocols, web services tools, string operations and standard operating system interfaces. This makes many high-use programming tasks to be scripted into Python’s standard library which significantly reduces the time taken and the length of the code that is required to be written.

The Python language has been developed using an OSI-approved license because of which this language is free to distribute and use that further adds to programmers sharing their codes and scripts with one another around the globe. Not just this, Python also offers incredible readability because of the simple syntax that makes new programmers and beginners get a heck of this language easily and learn it quickly.

There are the standard set of guidelines that are available open source that helps programmers code correctly and quickly formatting their code.

Also, the rich user base online has only contributed to the improved development, bug fixes and upgrades to this programming language. Its speed and productivity are other characteristics to look for.

Python offers its users a clean design that is highly object-oriented that provides improved control capabilities, text processing capabilities, unit testing capabilities and strong integration capabilities. Because of its productivity and speed, the Python programming language is considered a very viable option when it comes to building complicated and intricate multiple protocol network applications.

Owing to all of these reasons, Python has become the sought-after programming application that beginners and novice programmers are eager to learn. In fact, not just novice programmers, even learned and knowledgeable programmers are soon shifting their focus to Python to learn this extremely simple and rich programming language that helps them gain an edge over others as compared to many other programming languages use worldwide .


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