Top 20 WordPress Travel Themes for Adventure Blogs and Sites


The best WordPress themes for travel and adventures

There are almost 1,000 WordPress themes on Themeforest with the word “travel”.

Here is a selection of twenty WordPress themes that stand out for their excellent design, ease of use, and other features:

For bloggers, writers and travel journalists

1. EightyDays – A WordPress Travel Theme for Travel Blogs

80days theme
Around the world in 80 … travel articles? This theme is designed for travel writers and bloggers. It’s a modern design that’s familiar enough to be easy to navigate, yet still fresh and customizable. The top header carries your logo (or maybe just your name), then a source of recent and featured articles, a personal bio, email newsletter subscription, and more. With your Instagram prominently featured in not one but two different places on the homepage, you’ll be on your way to #travelblogger Insta-fame in no time.

2. MagPlus – Blog & Magazine WordPress Theme for Blogs, Magazines


If you’re a particularly prolific writer or have multiple writers on your team, check out this best-selling WordPress site. The demo website for the “Travel Pro” version of MagPlus manages to present more than 38 items on the home page, without feeling cluttered or cluttered.

I especially like the black outline of the featured item slider, which is unique (but also fully customizable, just in case it’s not your thing). MagPlus is a massive WordPress theme with over 40 templates, so don’t feel restricted to the “travel” demo; any of the other demos, such as “Magazine”, “Lifestyle”, “Classic” or “Architecture” would suit a travel site. There are also 25 (!!) different item layouts, from quizzes to GIFs to full-width hero images; your readers will definitely not be bored.

3. Travelmatic – WordPress theme for travel blogs


One of my favorite features of this WordPress theme is the full-width Google Maps option, which provides readers with a browsable map version of articles and content. There’s also an adventure-focused counter at the bottom – how many continents, countries, and miles have you traveled?


4. Travelista – Travel Blog Theme

Travelista - Travel Blog Theme

Travelista – Travel Blog Theme

simple and clean layout with eight blog layouts, well-designed author pages, and unlimited color customization. You can even customize the background of posts and pages, and it has space for advertising and other highlights (also known as “widgets”). Although sans-serif fonts are the trend in web design right now, choosing the serif font from this site gives the website a more timeless feel that won’t need to be revised or redesigned for a few months.

5. Cook Traveler – Responsive WordPress Blog Theme

Cook Traveler - Responsive Blog WordPress Theme

Cook Traveler – Responsive Blog WordPress Theme

The color accents in this blog-centric travel WordPress theme illuminate an otherwise simple design. It’s a good choice if you’re trying to build your “brand” or tie it all together with a logo, or just have a favorite color in mind. The Coming Soon page has a fun design. It is also based on Bootstrap 3, works with Google fonts, and is optimized for high speed.

6. Desert – WordPress Travel Blog Theme

Desert - WordPress Travel Blog Theme
Also built on Bootstrap 3.0, this WordPress theme has multiple demos, all available with a one-click installation. The box-style post grid is inspired by Google’s Material Design. The menu on the right sidebar is a unique option for navigation.

7. Travel Tour – Altair WordPress for travel

Travel Tour | Altair WordPress for Travel

Created by a Power Elite author on Themeforest, this WordPress theme is the best-selling theme for travel and travel agencies. One of the main reasons you get such high ratings is because of customer support, so if you find the idea of ​​setting up a WordPress site a bit daunting, give this a try for your support system. It’s also very, very well designed, but make sure you have some awesome shots to fill in the full-width image dots.

8. Tour Booking Travel – EXPLOORE Travel

Tour Booking Travel | EXPLOORE Travel

With an integrated reservation and booking system, this website template is ideal for hospitality and hospitality websites. It is responsive, which means it will work well on desktop computers and mobile phones. The four modules are Tour, Hotel, Car, and Cruise, which cover (more or less) all modes of transportation and travel.

9. Trendy Travel – Tour, Travel and Travel Agency Theme

Trendy Travel - Tour, Travel & Travel Agency Theme

This theme has an easy to use page builder for drag and drop customization. There is support for WooCommerce, Buddypress, event calendars, Google web fonts, and a fancy slider plugin. The photo gallery options are ideal for displaying travel photos or package tours.

10. Travel tour: travel booking, travel WordPress theme

Travel Tour - Tour Booking, Travel WordPress Theme

Many WordPress themes boast of WooCommerce integration, but what about specific payment methods? Travel Tour works with PayPal, bank transfers, and credit card systems like Stripe and Paymill. Considered the “most complete travel management system”, this author of the topic has more than 120,000 clients. Don’t worry, it’s so customizable that you won’t risk looking like a copycat from another site. There are also fourteen blog layouts, nine portfolio layouts, and six gallery layouts.

11. Grand Tour – Tour Travel WordPress for trips and excursions

Grand Tour - Tour Travel WordPress for Travel and Tour
This theme is designed to increase conversion rates, with smartly placed buttons and call-to-action prompts. For example, it will show customers how many other travelers are considering travel right now, or it will show similar travel trips based on tags. The font options and layout remind me of Airbnb and, in particular, of its “Experiences” feature. If you want a look similar to Airbnb web design, this is a good place to start.

12. Adventure Tours – Tour / Travel WordPress Theme

12. Adventure Tours - Tour / Travel WordPress Theme

For the travel photographer

13. WPVoyager – Travel Blog WordPress Theme

WPVoyager - Travel Blog WordPress Theme

What I like about this topic is that it lists the real-life websites that use that topic, such as (at the time of writing) Here, There & Away, The Unreasonable Traveler, and Taking Flights. What these all have in common: bold, map-centric layouts, responsive website layouts, and a sense of adventure.

14. Your Journey – WordPress Theme for Travel Blogs

Your Journey - Travel Blog WordPress Theme

Another one that lists actual websites using its theme, this one has more whitespace and a grid-style layout. It’s simple and familiar, leaving room for your photos and writing to be the center of attention.

15. Gnar – Action, Adventure and Travel WordPress Theme

Gnar - Action, Adventure & Travel WordPress Theme

This is possibly one of the coolest and most unique on the list. Gnar has a full-screen background photo, so it’s the first thing you see, and the box-shaped colors and dividers are an interesting design. The choice of the font is unique and not so standard (although of course it is completely customizable). The designer of this WordPress theme has been working with Themeforest since 2009.

16.Essentialist – A Narrative WordPress Blog Theme

Essentialist — A Narrative WordPress Blog Theme

By now, you probably have at least ten tabs open, have scrolled through a handful of theme demos, and are feeling overwhelmed. If all the bells and whistles and fancy features seem like more than what you’re looking for, check out this one. It promises an “honest, minimalist design,” and the storytelling-centric design is not distracting. It still has all the essentials; a navigation menu, responsive layout, social sharing, and it’s easy to set up.

17. Love Travel – Creative Travel Agency WordPress

Love Travel - Creative Travel Agency WordPress

Back to the bells and whistles: this theme has it all. Showcase Pages, WooCommerce, Maps, Booking Systems, Videos, Tours, Gallery Pages, Mega Menus, and more. With almost 5,000 sales and a rating of 4.26 / 5, it is one that has been tested by companies around the world.

18. Travel WordPress Theme – GoExplore!

ravel WordPress Theme - GoExplore!

This is a multipurpose WordPress theme, designed for travel blogs and reviews, but also for guides, travel agencies, and tours. In particular, I like the “travel guide” feature, which allows you to add sub-pages and create a detailed travel guide for each place, tour, or experience.

19. Roam – An Adventurous Travel and Tourism Theme

Roam - An Adventurous Travel and Tourism Theme

Splashy, bright, focused on photographs. The WordPress theme is one of the most elegant on the list, with enough integrations and plugins to do everything you need.

20. Getaway – An Upbeat Travel and Tourism Theme

Getaway - An Upbeat Travel and Tourism Theme

I love the “destination lists” in this WordPress theme, which creates a gallery of potential places to explore. Even the 404 page is stylish, and with the background and hero images built into the various page layouts, it’s easy to create a consistent look for your site with photos and accent colors


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